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Fact Sheets

Beef Nutrients that Work as Hard as You Do
Beef Up Your Fruits and Veggies!
Beef's Competitive Advantage
BOLD Recipes
BOLD Sample Menu (1800 calories)
BOLD Sample Menu (2100 calories)
BOLD Study Fact Sheet
Building a Healthy Plate with Lean Beef
Building a Heart Healthy Diet with Lean Beef
B-Vitamin Summary Chart
Childhood Nutrition
Choose You Calories by the Company They Keep
Don't Miss Out on the Benefits fo Naturally Nutrient-Rich Lean Beef
Eating for Two?
Eating Lean Beef Daily Can Help Lower Cholesterol As Part of a Heart-Healthy Diet
Enhance Your Absorption of Iron
Everyday Solutions for Everyday Heroes (for Women)
Family Mealtime Fact Sheet
Fatty Acid Profile of Beef
Fatty Acid Comparisons of Beef, Chicken, Fish and Olive Oil
Fitting Fitness In
Get Lean with Protein
High-Quality Protein Promotes Optimal Health
Lean Beef Strengthens Diets for a Leaner, Healthier America
Lean Protein Can Help People Live Well and Age Vibrantly
Meat as a First Complementary Food
MyPlate Fact Sheet
MyPyramid Handout 1 page
MyPyramid Handout 2 page
MyPyramid for Kids Handout 1 page
MyPyramid for Kids Handout 2 page
MyPyramid for Kids Handout and Resources
Naturally Nutrient-Rish Meals… Putting More Power Foods on Our Plates
New Insights About Beef and Heart Health
Percent of Boys/Girls NOT Meeting recommended Amounts of Important Nutrients and Average...
Percentages of Individuals Not Meeting the RDA for Specific Nutrients
Power Up for the Good Life with Lean Beef
Powering Up with Protein
Protein-Rich Diet Boosts Benefits of Exercise
Proteins are Not Created Equal
Red Meat and Processed Meat Consumption and Cancer: A Technical Summary of the Epidemiologic...
Reducing Fat in Cooked Ground Beef
Relax, Recover, Renew (for Women)
Safe and Healthy Meat Grilling Tips
Study Shows Beef can be a Part of a Heart-Healty Diet
Surprising Facts About Lean Beef
The Burger Battle
The Evolution of Lean Beef
The Fitness Connection
The Power of Protein
The Tween Scene
Today's Beef Choices 

Research Articles

Beef Lipids in Perspective Epidemiology 101
Lean Beef and Heart Health
Quantitative Assessment of Red Meat or Processed Meat Consumption and Kidney Cancer
Red Meat and Processed Meat Consumption and Cancer: A Technical Summary of the Epidemiolo...
Stearic Acid - A Unique Saturated Fat
The Assessment of Red Meat and Cancer Rish: A Summary of Findings from an Independent Research...
Thorough and Transparent Scientific Evaluation is the Foundation of the Beef Nutrition Research Program
Trans Fatty Acids


Spanish Materials

¿Comiendo Por 2?
Datos Comparativos Sobre Los Acidos Grasos Entre la Carne de Res, El Pollo, El Pescado Y El Eceite...
El Caso De Los Preadolescentes
Fitness Connection
La carne De Res Nutrientes Que Trabajan Tan Arduamente Como Usted
La Conexión Con La Buena Forma Física
MiPlato, Mi Salud Tear Pad
MyPlate Póster y Reproducible Masters
Nutrición De Los Niños